Considering Alternative Lawn Components

Are you tired of looking at the same old lawn designs? Lawns can range from been a perfectly manicured patch of green to a natural area with wildflowers and bulbs. It can also be just a patch of green.

Grass is used to cover the lawn like a carpet, as it is evergreen in nature. Seed mixtures are used to develop these sites. As a resident of Hampshire, you can appoint the services of landscape gardeners in Hampshire to design your space.

Lawn Components

While you are working at developing a new lawn and confused about its shape, it is necessary that you try to keep it simple.  This will not only be easy to maintain but also easy to the eye.

Creating a wriggly design, will not only make the whole thing appear incongruous but can also create a sense of discomfort on part of the onlooker. It is advisable to choose a symmetrical shape or one that projects broad sweeping curves in order to create a formal garden.

To create a distinct shape for the lawn, you can use diverse forms of edging solutions.

This will considerably reduce the maintenance work required for the lawn and would thus help it to retain its shape over a longer period.



You also need to choose the right variety of grass after a thorough assessment of the site. In order to create a proper lawn, you can use a mix of diverse varieties of grass such as red fescue, smooth stalked meadow grass, perennial ryegrass and browntop bent.

You need to consider factors such as traffic, sunlight and shade. Some landscape gardeners also make use of grass alternatives such as creeping thymes and chamomile. Both these are evergreen varieties.

However, while grass is used even in heavy wear areas, these can only be used for ornamental purposes.